Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metaform?

Metaform is the embodiment of thought, awareness and meaningful action – a living form of expression through mindful movement. 

Metaform’s mission is to combine mindfulness, wellbeing and indulgence in a way that nurtures mind and body for yoga, pilates, gym or meditation.

We strive to create quality products, made with environmentally conscious materials, that offer a space for people to physically express themselves and become grounded to the earth. 

How do I care for my Metaform mat?

Although natural tree rubber mats are commonly described as machine washable, Metaform recommends hand washing to extend the life and maintain the quality of the mat.

Machine washing, chemical cleaning agents and long exposure to heat (e.g., direct sunlight, storing in your car) may lead to material deterioration.

Hand wash using a lightly dampened cloth and dry well afterwards.

What are Metaform mats and accessories made from?

Metaform mats are made from biodegradable natural eco-tree rubber, with a microfibre vegan suede surface and are free from toxins (petroleum, heavy metals, glue).

Metaform straps are made from polyester.

Metaform blocks are made from high density EVA foam, are eco-friendly, phthalate free, and moisture resistant.

What is the surface texture and grip of Metaform mats?

Metaform mats have a soft microfibre surface and are treated with a specialised enhanced-grip coating to increase traction. Grip is also naturally increased through moisture and over time with use. The surface ‘slide’ on microfibre mats enhances muscle activation and supports smooth transitions during movement. 

What is the difference between the Premium and Compact mats?

Both Premium and Compact mats are made with the same designs and high-quality materials. They only differ in size and cushioning.

Premium mats are generously sized and provide increased cushioning at 183 cm x 68 cm x 5 mm.

Compact mats are comparatively smaller than Premium mats, balancing comfort and portability at 173 cm x 61 cm x 3 mm.

Is shipping free?

Shipping is free Australia wide.

Does Metaform ship internationally?

For international orders, please contact us.

What is your returns policy?

Metaform will accept returns within 14 days of delivery, with free return postage within Australia. Items will be refunded upon return in their original condition and packaging. Please contact us to arrange a return. 

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